Woman stood behind a podium delivering a speech to a room full of people who are sat down listening
February 2021

Research and Insight Network Group meeting

Wednesday 17th February, 2021 - 10:00 to 11:45

About this event

Delivered by the research and insight team at Healthwatch England, this meeting is for members of the former 'Intelligence and Informatics Reference Group' (IIRG) and will provide an opportunity to discuss and share knowledge about research.


The focus of this introductory session will be:

10:00 - Welcome to the Research & Insight Network Group (RING) including introductions from the group

10:15 - Group breakout sessions:

There will be two sets of breakout sessions, each followed by a full group discussion.

  1. COVID research work/methods (15 mins)
  2. What would members like to gain out of the group moving forward. (20 mins)

10:20 - Breakout session 1 – COVID research work/methods. Discussions will cover:

  1. What research have you been conducting during COVID?
  2. What has worked well?
  3. What challenges did you face?

10:35 - Feedback to main group where each group present/discuss their findings.

10:50 - Refreshment break

11:00 - Breakout session 2 – What would you like to gain from this group in future Topics of discussion:

  1. Purpose of the group
  2. Topics for future meetings
  3. Frequency of meetings
  4. Post-COVID arrangements

11:20 - Feedback and planning the next steps for future meetings

11:40 - Recap and closing remarks

Contact details

For further information about the themes of the day, or if you have experience in research and data collection and would like to join the RING, please contact the research helpdesk at: