Healthwatch volunteer stood with a member of the public
February 2021

The Missing Link - Campaigning on a regional level

Online webinar
Thursday 25th February, 2021 - 11:00 to 12:00

About this event

With Clinical Commissioning Groups merging and the rise of STPs/ICAs and primary care networks, decision-making is increasingly happening at a regional level. The communications landscape is also changing with fewer radio, TV and newspaper organisations often serving larger geographical areas.

In this changing world, how can local Healthwatch work effectively together to identify issues affecting people on a regional basis, gather the evidence needed and ensure that people’s voices will be heard?

Who is this event for?

Any lead officers/communications staff with an interest in campaigns and changes taking place at STP/ICS system levels.

What will you learn?

We will explore the opportunities, tactics and approach that local Healthwatch could take at regional level to effectively campaign for services that work for people - drawing on experiences like the Long Term Plan engagement work.

This is new thinking for Healthwatch so will involve the presenters aiming to gather invaluable views, ideas and experiences from network colleagues – please come prepared to contribute!

Contact details

Who is running this event?

Chris Gorman, Campaigns and Regional Manager

Flora Deshmukh, Campaigns Officer

Contact details

07393 754225