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May 2021

Helping you with decision making

Thursday 6th May, 2021 - 10:00 to 11:30

About this event

Healthwatch teams who participated in the Early Adopter stage of the Quality framework suggested to Healthwatch England that a library of governance documents would be helpful in meeting the requirements of the Quality Framework domains. The Decision Making Policy is the first of those documents to be shared.

This will be a small interactive event that will cover the importance of good decision making and take you through the new guidance and policy template. We will also explore the benefits to local Healthwatch and explore challenges and successes and how these can be used to create further supportive tools for local Healthwatch.

Who is this event for?

Healthwatch lead officers, managers and board members.

What will you learn?

Margaret, our Good Practice Project Manager, will introduce you to the new Decision Making Policy so that you understand:

  • How it has been developed and why each Healthwatch should have a Decision Making Policy
  • What makes a good Decision Making policy
  • Practical application of Decision Making

Who is running this event?

Margaret Curtis, Good Practice Project Manager and Delana Lawson, Quality Assurance Programme and Regional Network (North East and Yorkshire) Manager.

Contact details

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