July 2021

Returning to face-to-face working – discussion group for lead officers

Online webinar
Thursday 22nd July, 2021 - 10:00 to 11:00

About this event

The government is lifting restrictions on 19 July 2021, including the guidance to work from home where possible.  This session with Imelda Redmond, Healthwatch England National Director, and Gavin Macgregor, Head of Network Development, will explore what that means for local Healthwatch.   

Who is this event for?

Healthwatch lead officers and managers.

What will you learn?

This session has been arranged to give local Healthwatch lead officers the chance to come together and discuss, in a confidential space, what the lifting of restrictions means for them as employers and staff and volunteer managers.  It will cover: 

  • What the guidance says you can now do 
  • Healthwatch England recommendations  
  • Duty of care – keeping your staff and volunteers safe 
  • Equalities and inclusion in engagement – making sure vulnerable people in your areas can still access your services 
  • Hybrid working – making the most of the virtual tools you have developed over the past year  

Who is running this event?

Imelda Redmond, Healthwatch England National Director

Gavin Macgregor, Healthwatch England, Head of Network Development 

All day event: