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August 2021

How to produce professional Easy Read materials

Tuesday 24th August, 2021 - 9:30 to 11:30

About this event

About the event

We have received interest from local Healthwatch who want to be able to produce their own easy read materials, as part of the Healthwatch commitment to accessibility and inclusion. We have therefore invested in training from Easy Read UK who have already worked with local Healthwatch and can offer one place per local Healthwatch, on a first come first served basis and ask that learning is shared with the rest of their team.

As this session will be delivered in two parts, you must be able to commit to both dates as part of the course. The follow up session will be delivered on 14th September 9:30am to 11.30 am.


Who is this event for?

Healthwatch staff who produce reports, information documents, website content and other materials they would like to make easy read.


What will you learn?

The course will cover:

  • How to plan and create information in Easy Read using words, images and formats effectively
  • Wording – Easy read is NOT just writing simply. Getting your wording right is the foundation to making something easy read. We will look at key words, simple everyday language, writing style, words to use and those to explain. Here we will start to practice writing in easy read
  • Images – How to select the right images to enhance meaning and support the reader. Images alone do not make information easy read. Here we look at visual aids, how to use them and adapt them for easy read. What makes a good visual aid?
  • Layout and formatting – How to ensure your layout is accessible. We will look at: - Layouts for different types of documents. - What can be used as standard templates and what kinds of documents need to be designed individually. - How to incorporate branding whilst keeping the document accessible.

Who is running this event?

Easy Read UK

Contact details

If you have a question about this webinar, please contact Judge Msimbe:


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