Two Healthwatch volunteers standing in a built up area
November 2021

Qualitative analysis

Online webinar
Monday 29th November, 2021 - 9:45 to 12:00

About this event

In this session you will learn about the basics of qualitative data analysis for your research projects. 

Who is this event for?  

This event is for Healthwatch staff who need to undertake qualitative data analysis and interpret the results.   

What will you learn?  

You will understand the importance and use of qualitative data, the stages of qualitative data analysis including data management, developing coding frameworks and identifying emerging themes and the ways in which you can minimise bias in your analysis. We will highlight tools that you can use to conduct qualitative analysis as well as giving you some tips on how best to use your data in reports. 

Preparation for this session: 

This is a participatory session. We will be asking you to share your experiences with research planning, and any questions you may have.  

Who is running this event? 

The Research and Insight Team at Healthwatch England and Alexander Tan from Healthwatch Trafford  

All day event: