April 2022

Essentials of Managing a Healthwatch

Monday 25th April, 2022 - 14:00 to 15:30

About this event

Whether new to Healthwatch or a long served Chief Officer, whether hosted or stand alone, whatever your team size, this webinar will provide you with useful the practical requirements of running and managing local Healthwatch.

Event type

This event will be a small discussion group, where you can discuss any challenges you are currently facing with peers and experienced facilitators.Please be prepared to join in the discussion with examples, questions, challenges or successes.If there are any topics you would like to find out more about or discuss within the webinar, please let us know by emailing by 22nd April 2022.

Who is this event for?

Those leading a local Healthwatch organisation or aspiring to do so and wanting to learn more.

What will you learn?

The topics will be wide ranging and include practical applications of:

  • Healthwatch powers, functions, and regulations.
  • Easy to follow governance guidance.
  • The must do’s’ for every Healthwatch.

Who is running this event?

Margaret Curtis, Freelance Consultant

Delana Lawson, Quality Assurance & Regional (North East, Yorkshire & Humberside) Manager

Contact details

Contact details

If you have any questions, please contact:

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