August 2022

Alternative databases/CRMs/data collection systems to Civi

Monday 8th August, 2022 - 10:00 to 11:00

About this event

Healthwatch England will be withdrawing provision of Civi by March 2023. A number of Healthwatch have expressed interest in seeking an alternative system to Civi.

Healthwatch England circulated a list of suppliers used by other Healthwatch.

This session will explore questions you should ask of potential suppliers, share experiences of approaching suppliers and potentially collaborating on setting up and or connecting with Healthwatch already using a particular supplier.

Healthwatch England will circulate an outline of the steps to be taken in advance of the meeting.

These two events are part of a series we are holding for Healthwatch affected by the changes to Civi – using Excel and Power Bi (25 July and 9 August) and opting for Civi provided by Circle (11th and 15th of August).

Type of event

This event will provide a means for Healthwatch to share their approaches and inform Healthwatch England of the different solutions, approaches and support needs.

Who is this event for? 

The event is for anyone at Healthwatch who is involved in decisions about databases/data capturing systems and their use. More than one person from a Healthwatch can attend.

What will you learn? 

You’ll learn about

  • What systems Healthwatch are considering and their approaches so far
  • Questions to ask suppliers
  • The timetable and steps for transition from Civi to a new system

Who is running this event? 

Gavin Macgregor, Head of network Development

Matt Sanders, Digital Systems Development Manager

Michael Samuel, CRM Lead

All day event: