Coronavirus: Essential online activity

Are you helping people find the information that they are looking for about Coronavirus? Here are essential steps every Healthwatch service can take.
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Update your website

It is important that Healthwatch provide accurate, accessible information on coronavirus on your website.

We advise that all Healthwatch websites have a clear statement on the home page informing people where they can go for information and the latest updates about coronavirus (COVID-19).

This information will need to be clear, consistent and accurate at all times. To assess your capacity to update this information, see which of the three categories you fall into below:

  1. Keeping it simple
    This information is accurate at all times, referring people to credible, external sites such as NHS or for people to find out more information. 
  2. Simple but a little more detail
    Display the article in the download below on your site. This includes some basic information about the coronavirus, but directs people to external sources such as to get more detailed information.
  3. Localising your content
    This content will require much more maintenance, with a need for you to commit to updating it daily. You should ensure that you are able to make changes to the pages on the move as the information is being updated at such a fast pace. It's worth time stamping all of this content so that members of the public are aware of when it was last updated. As always, link to external sites that are being updated regularly for people to find out more information.

Suggested copy for your homepage: 

Information on Coronavirus

The main symptoms of coronavirus are: a cough, a high temperature and shortness of breath. Read the latest advice and information from NHS England and Public Health England about the Coronavirus.

Read more - link to either your updated page, or

IMPORTANT: If you choose to point people to national/local charities be mindful of their capacity to update their copy with the frequent changes in messages around COVID-19. Where possible, it’s best to direct people to sources like

Advice and information article

Display this article on your website to ensure people have both key messages about Coronavirus, and clear direction on where they can go to get the most up to date information.

Social media activity 

There are a lot of conversation about the Coronavirus on social media. You can help by:

  • Focusing your social media on Coronavirus advice and information to help the public feel informed, using the materials from Public Health England
  • Helping prevent the spread of fake news by retweeting/sharing information from OFFICIAL sources such as the Department of Health and Social Care and Public Health England.

Update your stakeholders, partners and public about your activity

Keep your contacts up to date with how your service is operating, any changes to planned activity and information on how to get the advice people are looking for. 

We've written to local Healthwatch local authority commissioners to let them know about the guidance we have issued Healthwatch about Coronavirus.

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