Communicating with the public during the COVID-19 outbreak

This guidance aims to support staff and volunteers to communicate the service that local Healthwatch can offer during the current COVID-19 outbreak and offers communications advice on seeking public feedback about care during this time.

About this resource

This guidance aims to support local Healthwatch staff and volunteers to:

  • Communicate the service that local Healthwatch can offer during the current outbreak
  • Frame communications that seek to get public feedback about care

It also includes specific content updates that you may need to make to your public advice and information. This guide was last updated on 7 May 2020.

What it includes

This guide includes:

  • Key messages and a core script you can use to promote your service during the COVID-19 outbreak
  • Tips to help frame your messages when seeking public feedback on care
  • Example message you can use to seek public feedback
  • Advice on what to say if your service is unable to operate due to staff illness or caring responsibilities, and
  • Where you can access further resources such as graphics, photo's and templates.
  • Content updates covering complaints advice.
  • A template press notice to use to promote public engagement.

Do you have any feedback?

This is interim guidance, so if you have any suggestions on additional resources or advice that would be useful, please tell us via the Workplace Communications and Engagement Group.

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Communicating with the public during COVID-19 outbreak (Updated 15 May 2020)

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