Support our campaign: ‘Because We All Care’

Find out more about our new campaign 'Because We All Care' launching on 8 July. Download the resources you need to support the launch and run your own campaign for your community.
Cartoon drawing of people sitting around a laptop with the campaign slogan Because We All Care

What’s in this toolkit?

About the ‘Because we all care’ campaign

On the 8 July, in partnership with the Care Quality Commission, we are launching ‘Because we all care’. The campaign aims to encourage people using NHS and social care to give feedback on their experiences, to help improve services for everyone.

Why now?

Public feedback helps NHS and social care services spot what is working and what could be better when it comes to support. With services working to bounce back from the COVID-19 pandemic, people’s views have never been more important.

The public appreciate the work health and care staff have done during the pandemic and want to play their part in helping services ensure patients and service users get the support they need.

Our campaign is launching now to help the public understand how by sharing their experiences they can help services identify and address issues and improve support for their community.

Who can get involved?

The campaign has been designed so local Healthwatch can use it to:

  • Promote feedback as a positive and caring thing that anyone can do
  • Encourage people to share views about the local issues your community faces

We also want you to encourage your local NHS and social care services to adopt the campaign, so together we can increase awareness and feedback to help improve services.

What will happen and when?

1-7 July 2020

  • Publish partner toolkit
  • Call out to health and care partners and stakeholders to either support the launch or adopt the campaign.

8 – 13 July 2020

  • National PR and social media launch
  • Regional and local press activity to raise awareness
  • Social media push

13 July 2020 onwards

  • Support for your local campaigns
  • Consumer PR
  • National social media advertising
  • Content focussed on key health and care issues to encourage feedback

20 July – 14 August 2020

  • Communications focused on hospital discharge

We’ll update these dates as we review and evolve the campaign.

Communication resources

Here are a range of resources you can use and tailor to:

  • Engage your local partners
  • Support the launch
  • Run your own local campaigns

Key messages and campaign Q&A

The top messages for the campaign are:

  1. Tell us about your experiences to help improve health and care services for everyone
  2. By giving your feedback about care, we’ll be able to help improve services for everyone
  3. All feedback can help improve services. Visit our website to tell us about both your good and bad experiences

Use these Call to actions:

Tell us about your experiences to help improve health and social care services for everyone:

Campaign key messages for local Healthwatch
Campaign Q&A

Partner and supporter communications 

Get your local partners and supporters to back the campaign launch. Download a template email, which you can send to your council, local NHS and social care services, community groups and other supporters. 

You can also share our stakeholder toolkit with partners that want to run their own campaign. 

Stakeholder toolkit

Download email template copy

Templates and graphics

You can personalise our campaign materials to support your communications locally. Social media templates, an email header, poster and website banner images are currently available on the Communications Centre. Remember to log-in to view all the available materials.

Download campaign materials

Design assets

If you want to create your own resources or graphics for the campaign, the core colours are:

  • Purple - #8242e6
  • Pink - #ff005c
  • Blue - #1cb8eb
  • Turquoise - #37beaf
  • Navy - #033361
  • Pale blue/grey - #edf0fc

Photo library

Download images to use in your communications from our Flickr library. 

Browse photos

Social media messages

Use our #BecauseWeAllCare social media messages to support the launch or to encourage feedback about a specific issue.

Download social media messages

Launch news story and press notice

  • Publish a launch story on your website to tell people about the campaign and how they can get it involved. 
  • Send the press release to your local media.
  • To help raise awareness in your community, why not get partners to support a joint open letter to your local media.
Download new story
Download regional press release
Download Letter to the Editor

Video content

Share the campaign videos to get more people to speak up.

Video on YouTube

Download animation

Further support and resources

The network site has several communications guides to help you plan and create your content. Resources that might be useful for this campaign are:

What are people telling you about their experiences of COVID-19?

We want to know what COVID-19 advice and information people are asking you for or issues they are raising. This is so we can spot any gaps in information, identify any issues and keep Government and the NHS informed. Let us know the issues people are raising with you.

Tell us more