Creating blocks on the new website

Creating a page made up of blocks on the new website can be a little confusing but is a great way to bring information from your website together in an engaging way. Take a look at this video guidance to help you create standard, video, and image blocks.

We've put together a webinar recording on how to create:

  • Standard blocks 
  • Video blocks
  • Image blocks 

As well as this we also have written guidance for you to follow. 

What is the difference between a page and an article?

An article is for content that fits under the following content types:

  • News
  • Blog
  • Response
  • Advice and information
  • Report

Articles are often to showcase new pieces of news or work that your Healthwatch has been involved in. They are more fluid than pages and a lot simpler to create. Paragraph types are used here to help break up your content.  

The main purpose of a page is to bring information together in one place. For example, if you have a key project that has a number of areas e.g. resources, a report, facts and figures, you might want to showcase this information as a page.

Here is an example of a page that we created at Healthwatch England to present our work on maternal mental health. 

Things to think about before creating a page 

1. How do you want to present your content?
Spend a few minutes thinking about the layout of your page.

2. Is there a need for the page? 
Most of the time you will be able to showcase your content using the article function. Contact the Healthwatch England team if you aren't sure and we can help advise on what's the best solution for you. 

Top tip: Create a page before you start creating blocks. Otherwise, they will have nowhere to be pulled through to. 

3. How are people going to find it? 
Pages don't pull through to the normal new and views section, and you won't be able to add all of your pages to the main navigation. Think about where it will sit on your site and how people will be able to find it e.g. can you make a homepage carousel slide to link through to it?

Any questions?

Contact the team at Healthwatch England via the digital inbox. 

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