New way to share local feedback with us

Quick and simple way for Healthwatch who don’t use the Healthwatch CiviCRM to share what people are saying locally about health and care developed.

Our purpose is to find out what matters to people when it comes to health and social care and make sure their views shape the support they need. As part of our strategy, we want over one million people to share their views of seek information from the Healthwatch network each year by 2023.

The more feedback we receive, the better we are able to spot trends across the country, on a regional and national level. This helps us have a better understanding of people’s experiences of care, building our evidence base and enabling us to have impact on a larger scale.

We currently receive people's feedback on their experiences of health and social care services from across the network through:

  • the 61 local Healthwatch using the CiviCRM Information and Signposting Wizard
  • 420 reports shared with us via the inbox from January to present

Making it easier for you to share feedback with us

We have worked with 10 local Healthwatch to develop a way for those who are using different systems to capture and monitor what people are telling them locally to share this information with us.

The import function, available through the Healthwatch England CRM, has a pre-prepared CVS file that you can use to record your local data. When you upload this through our CRM, it will automatically map to the fields in the CRM, allowing us to be able to analyse the information in the same way we currently do for local Healthwatch using the Information and Signposting Wizard.

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Find out more about the new import function in our new guidance.

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