Annual Healthwatch Survey (Data return)

Help us plan how we best support you throughout 2020-21 and beyond.
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Each year, we run a survey to collect information about each local Healthwatch across England to help us get a better understanding of the network and how we can improve the support we provide.

Please complete this mandatory survey by Friday 31 July.

What do we do with the information?

This survey help us to:

  • plan how to better support you over the next year and beyond
  • gather information to create a national picture of Healthwatch activity that will inform our national annual report and help us to demonstrate the impact of Healthwatch to Parliament, the Government, the public and other stakeholders
  • identify any key areas across the network that are in need of further support

What does the survey cover?

The survey includes questions to help us understand a number of different areas of your local Healthwatch.

The areas that this survey covers are:

  • Your staff
  • Your volunteers
  • Your relationship with CQC and other stakeholders
  • Your engagement activity
  • Your reach and impact
  • Your priorities

To see a full set of questions download the PDF below. Please note that your responses will need to be submitted via the online webform, they will not be accepted as a word document.

Complete the survey

Please complete the survey by Friday 31 July.

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