COVID-19 vaccines - how you can help

With the COVID-19 vaccine programme underway, we look at how local Healthwatch can support the national rollout.
Doctors and nurses

The Government COVID-19 vaccines delivery plan aims to vaccinate tens of millions of people. Local Healthwatch can help support the immunisation of the population in several ways.

Provide rapid insight for policy-makers

Government and NHS policy-makers have asked us to regularly update them on the public feedback we receive about the COVID-19 vaccination programme.

Four ways you can help

  1. Send any new evidence or research you collect via the CRM or by emailing to inform our fortnightly updates to stakeholders.
  2. Undertake proactive research to help shape the local implementation of the vaccine programme. Use our standard questions to help develop your survey.
  3. Let us know if your staff or volunteers are already supporting work at the vaccination centres and are willing to share their experiences.
  4. Let us know if you are interested in supporting further national research and the seldom heard communities you want to reach.

Contact us

Support the public with advice

If you are getting questions from the public, visit our COVID-19 workplace group to access the latest FAQ document.

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Help with the communications drive

Use the Government campaign toolkit to raise public awareness of the vaccine rollout and help dispel vaccination myths.

Visit the campaign's centre

Volunteer to help out

The Government is looking for more than 50,000 people to help out at vaccine centres with roles such as being a steward. You and local Healthwatch volunteers can find out more by visiting the NHS Volunteer Responders website.

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