Tell us about your learning development needs for 2021/22

Tell us your learning development needs so that we can base our support offer around you.
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Every two years we ask you to complete a survey to make sure that our support offer is tailored to your learning and development needs.

This year we’re asking you to help us fine tune our support offer by completing the Learning Needs Survey 2021 below.

Please complete by Friday 19 February.

Complete the 2021 Learning Needs Survey

We've used information that we've collected from you throughout the year to help inform the areas of support you'd like to improve in.

The Learning Needs Survey will give you an opportunity to tell us if there is anything missing, and which areas are more important to focus on.

What do we know so far?

  1. Satisfaction Survey
    The results in the 2020 survey saw a 9% increase in respondents rating the support from Healthwatch England as good or very good from the previous year (61% overall).
  2. Annual survey
    Helps us to understand your work and organisational priorities. 
  3. Digital review
    Our detailed consultation on how Healthwatch England can best support local Healthwatch with digital systems has already shown the need to help support your digital communications and text analysis.
  4. Quality Framework
    The Healthwatch who have completed the framework have told us about their future support needs to help them run an effective Healthwatch.
  5. Peer support networks
    Regional networks and staff groups such as Volunteer Managers have provided valuable feedback on how they can be best supported across the network.

So why are we asking you to do a survey?

We want to understand more about the specific areas that you'd like us to focus our support on this year.

Do please share the survey with your board members, volunteers and staff as we would like to hear from everyone in the network.

We will then share with you the themes and priorities from the survey in April 2021, alongside an annual network plan so that you can see our support offer at a glance, and how it addresses your needs.

Complete the 2021 Learning Needs Survey