How to apply for the Healthwatch impact awards

Are you proud of something you’ve achieved alone, in collaboration with other Healthwatch, or with other partners?   If so, we look forward to your entry for the Healthwatch Impact Awards. 

Celebrating your work to make care better 

Has your work directly contributed to and supported positive change that local people will feel?  

Are you proud of something you’ve achieved alone, in collaboration with other Healthwatch, or with other partners?  

If so, we look forward to your entry for the Healthwatch Impact Awards. 

We’ve heard you loud and clear that your time is limited. That’s why the entry process is simpler this year, and we’ve focused on one important award category – your impact and how you’re making a difference to local communities. 

Award for: The difference we’ve made   


To recognise the impact of local Healthwatch, who have helped improve health and care services in the local community. Either individually or as group of Healthwatch working collaboratively. 

Criteria you need to address

In no more than 450 words, please outline the difference your Healthwatch has made for people and communities. To gain maximum scores for your submission, you should address each of the criteria points below and stick to the word count for each section. The panel will not consider anything over the word count. 

Applications must be submitted online via award applications portal.

Please make sure that your application only covers work since 1 July 2021 to be considered for an award.

1. Summarise the main aims and outcomes of your piece of work.

 You should introduce your application with a summary of what the work was about and what you achieved.

Maximum word count: 30. This is section is not scored.

2. Which service/s did your work relate to?

Give basic information about the area of work. 

Maximum word count: 20. This is section is not scored.

3. What change was needed and how did you identify this? 

We will score entries on: 

  • A clear identification from your research/engagement work of what problem(s) existed. 
  • How your wider understanding of services, and/or your connections helped you recognise the issue. 

Maximum word count: 100. This is section is worth up to 10 points.

4. What did you do to achieve change? 

We will score entries on: 

  • How your research/engagement activity considered people with different profiles who might have different experiences. 

  • Steps you took to understand the experience of seldom heard groups. 

  • How you involved people with real life experience. 

  • What conclusions you reached. 

  • A succinct account of what you did to share and report your insight. 

  • A considered and effective approach to influencing decision makers. 

Maximum word count: 150. This is section is worth up to 20 points.

5. How will people’s experiences of the service/s now be better, and why is that important? 

We will score entries on a clear and compelling description of: 

  • The outcomes your Healthwatch has achieved for people’s direct experience of services; and 
  • awareness of reasonably anticipated wider impact on their lives. 

Maximum word count: 150. This is section is worth up to 30 points.

6. Supporting evidence

Please share up to three pieces of evidence which we will take into account when scoring your application. You can include details of indicators, or testimonials that you have that help confirm the improvements that you achieved - written up on maximum of 500 words, or via attachments.

We will particularly look at how the information provided gives confidence that people will be experiencing the changes that you have described.

Please provide this evidence in a Zip file. Please note videos cannot be uploaded unless as a link listed on a Word document or to a YouTube page.

Maximum overall score

A total of 60 points are available for an entry. 

Important information 

  • Your submission should only include work carried out between 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2022 to be considered. Additionally, any work which you have started, but not yet completed, with positive outcomes, will also be accepted.  

  • You should submit one entry per Healthwatch. However, you can also submit a joint entry for a piece of work done in collaboration with other Healthwatch. The same piece of work cannot be submitted twice as a joint entry and an individual entry. 

  • Successful entries must include tangible change for people. 

Supporting evidence:  

You can upload a maximum of three pieces of evidence as part of your overall submission. This could include:  

  • Links to external websites or documents produced by other organisations. (Please add these to a Word document and identify which link is for which criteria point or section).  

  • Testimonials from your commissioner or external partner(s).  

  • Pictures from events, news articles/media or resources or written materials developed as part of the project.  Please note – if sending videos, they cannot be uploaded to the webform directly and would need to be shared via link to a file or YouTube video. 

If you include more than three pieces of evidence, only your first three items will be considered with your entry.   

Closing date for applications: 

The closing date for all applications is 9am on Monday 12 September. The awards will be presented as part of Healthwatch Week: 15-17 Nov 2022. 

What happens next?  

  • Your entry will be scored along with all the other award applications by our internal shortlisting panel.

  • We will be in touch with you in October to let you know if your entry has been shortlisted.

  • The shortlist will then be submitted to our external judging panel. The winner and highly commended entries will be announced during Healthwatch Week.

Further information on Healthwatch Week will be announced in due course. 

Award queries  

For any queries on the awards, please email the team on: