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Tell our experts how you think technology could make a difference to your work. Take our survey, find out about our project and help improve how Healthwatch uses digital systems in the future.
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Technology can make a massive difference to our work if it’s easy to use and useful, but it can also cost a lot of money to get right.

What should Healthwatch invest in?

  • Support to help us with volunteer, supplier and stakeholder management?
  • Solutions that help us better engage with the public and with each other?
  • Systems that streamline and automate our processes?

These are big questions that only you can help answer.

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We want to hear from everyone who volunteers and works for Healthwatch

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More about our project

We are running a project to see how we can best use digital tools to help support you with your work, and your communications.

Over the next few months, you might hear us talk about the 'Digital Transformation Project'. We're working with an external agency Wildman Herring to find out more about how we work together and what we’re using across the network, to then develop ideas on how we can improve our digital landscape to help us work better together in the future.

Who is doing the research?

We’ve employed some experts to find out what you think and to help come up with a plan about how we can invest in the right technology to make the biggest difference to our work.

Dan Tagg, Professor Matthew Jones and their colleagues from Wildman Herring will be carrying out research from November 2019, with the aim of presenting a final report in the next financial year (2020-21).

What does the research include?

  • Survey

  • Workshops

  • Draft report and roadmap

Take the survey 

Please take a few minutes to complete this survey about your digital needs. 

Tell us your views

When's the deadline?

A quick response is much appreciated as we want to complete the research as soon as possible.

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