Online induction for local Healthwatch lead officers

Have you just joined local Healthwatch as a lead officer? Take our online induction to learn more about the role of local Healthwatch, how to provide an effective service, and the support available from Healthwatch England.
A woman in front of a Healthwatch banner

Welcome to Healthwatch

Take a look at our online induction course for new local Healthwatch lead officers to help you understand more about Healthwatch and the support on offer. 

What does the course include?

The course includes the following five sections:

  1. Welcome to Healthwatch
    Including a welcome from the Chair of Healthwatch, Sir Robert Francis QC
  2. Running a Healthwatch
    A closer look at the legislation and some useful information for those of you new to health and social care
  3. The Quality Framework
    Provides a shared understanding between Healthwatch providers, local authority commissioners and Healthwatch England about the ingredients of an effective Healthwatch
  4. Key relationships
    It's essential to invest time in building relationships with your staff, board and potential partners and interested stakeholders. This induction talks about how you can start to map your key stakeholders against your work plan priorities.
  5. Support from Healthwatch England
    This section covers ways that Healthwatch England supports local Healthwatch. From contact with your regional lead to engaging with other local Healthwatch on our  Facebook Workplace community.

Get started

To start the online induction, just click on the link below.

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