Working with your local Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

Find out more about how the benefits of effectively engaging with your local JSNA
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About this resource

The Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) is a process by which local authorities and Clinical Commissioning Groups assess the current and future health, care and wellbeing needs of the local community to inform local decision making.

JSNAs make sure that health organisations and local authorities have a good understanding of their local populations, and the challenges services face in tackling health inequalities.

In the last year over 60 Healthwatch have worked with their local JSNA to share vital information about what people want from services. This resource aims to provide you with more information about how you can engage effectively with your Joint Strategic Needs Assessment. It includes:

  • More about what a JSNA is and how they work
  • Case studies where Healthwatch across the country have worked effectively with their JSNA
  • Opportunities for Healthwatch to get involved in their local JSNA
  • How you can use JSNA to prioritise your future work and hold local systems to account on what they're doing


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