Policy Forum - Special Educational Needs and Disability

See the notes from the July Policy Forum as well as presentations from the day.
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About this resource

Our Policy Forum focusing on Special Educational Needs and Disability for children and young people aged 0-25 participants had an opportunity to:

  • Share their work on Special Educational Needs and Disability, and hear from others in the network.
  • Tell us more about what we can do to help you engage with Special Educational Needs and Disability work in your area.
  • Hear from Parent Carer Forums and experiences of local parents and carers.

Working with partners - SEND

Using Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) as an example, find out how you can use your insight to have a greater impact and influence areas outside of health and social care by working with partners.

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Download the resources from the day along with accompanying slides from a recent webinar with Parent Carer Forums and local Healthwatch

Download the notes from the day
Download the presentation from the recent webinar

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