Call handling guidance

If part of your role is the respond to calls from the public, take a look at three guides that outline how to structure a conversation, managing a difficult call and assessing safeguarding and risk.
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How to structure a call

About this guidance

If you are a local Healthwatch member of staff or volunteer who answers phone calls from the public, find out how to structure your conversation to best help the caller and to support your wellbeing. This guide covers:

  • Beginning a call
  • Exploring and clarifying the caller's issue
  • Ending a call
  • What to do after a call

Managing calls from the public 

About this guidance

Members of the public contact Healthwatch for advice and information about health and social care services. These calls are often complex and at times you may find some or all parts of a call challenging. Find out how to best manage this in our guidance, which covers:

  • Top tips for managing calls
  • Handling last resort calls
  • Handling repeat callers
  • What to do if you feel a call is becoming abusive

Assessing risk and safeguarding 

About this guidance

You might recieve calls from people in distress, who could be at risk to themselves or others, or where there might be a safeguarding concern. We have a duty of care help keep the person safe, while getting them the help they need. To support you to manage these types of calls, this guide covers:

  • How to assess risk
  • Safeguarding
  • Callers with suicidal thoughts

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