How to make the most of your annual report content

Putting together your annual report can be challenging, but it can also give you some great content you can use to engage people with your work. Here's how you can make sure your hard work doesn't go unnoticed.
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We've put together some top tips for how you can make the most of the content you've pulled together for your annual report.

1. Showcase it on your website

There are lots of ways that you can make the most of your annual report content on your website, such as:

  • Create space on the front page of your website - whether that's in your homepage carousel or under 'News' - to help make sure people will see it.
  • Share a snappy article to summarise the key messages from your report, and a clear call to action to hit 'Download' to see the full report.
  • Bring out some key stats by creating a graph or infographic to make it visually appealing. 
  • Create blogs to showcase the case studies from your report highlighting the difference you've made during the pandemic. 
  • Create an impact page to highlight the difference you are making to local services and communities. To learn how to do this see our guidance on creating an impact page

2. Social media

Re-use your annual report messages, stories and content on your social media over the few weeks that follow the launch of your annual report. You can showcase the work of your volunteers to encourage people to join your team, share local impact as a result of your work to get people to speak up, and demonstrate how you help people access health and care services. 

3. Email marketing

Emails directly to those on your mailing list to make them aware of the publication will help to raise awareness that you have published your annual report. Include your key statistics and an overview of what they can expect to find in your report.  

4. Look for media opportunities 

All those great stats and case studies are ideal for media opportunities. Whether you're responding to a local event, or seeking to promote your work in the press, case studies will help to bring it to life. Take a look at our guidance on how to tell a good story.

5. Create a video

Can you pull together a highlights video as a way to showcase the work that you have done over the last year? Take a look at the video that we created to showcase the Healthwatch England annual report for inspiration. 

How to plan your communications

So you've got your report ready, and now you need to share it with the world. Take a look through our checklist to help you plan your communications activity, reach your audiences, and make the most of everything you've included.

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