How to create an impact page on your website

The stories you collate in your annual report can be displayed on your website to show the public exactly how much of a difference you have made to your community. This guidance will show you how to build this page on your website.
Female volunteer standing in front of a Healthwatch banner

Having a page showing your impact can help everyone understand how your Healthwatch improves the lives of people living in your community. By adding new stories about what you have achieved, you can show the difference you have made. 

Here are three examples of Healthwatch who have built their impact page using our guidance: 

When creating your impact page from this guidance, it is essential that you:

  • Keep each story short and to the point so readers can understand the difference you made. 
  • Only add new stories when positive changes have been achieved. 
  • Go back and update the stories if new outcomes happen so the content stays up to date. 


How to build an impact page on your website