New resources to support volunteering

Find out more about the new guidance and support we have produced to help volunteers and their managers.
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Volunteers have always been crucial to the delivery of Healthwatch.

As part of our work to support you with volunteering we have produced a range of new resources that cover recruitment, management and supporting your volunteers.

These resources have been informed by the results from the Volunteer Management survey and with input from Healthwatch across the country. 

Support for you

Our Guide to Volunteering aims to support you with recruiting, inducting, managing and supporting your volunteers as well as ways to track and measure their impact. It offers best practice guidance to help you connect with different parts of your community and ensure that equality, diversity and inclusion are embedded into your volunteering program.  
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Support for your volunteers

We have produced a template handbook and agreement for you to download and adapt locally.  

The Volunteer Handbook is designed to be a useful reference to your volunteers and should include information about who you are, what you do and a summary of the policies and procedures in place to support your volunteers.  

The Volunteer Agreement outlines what you want your volunteers to get out of volunteering with you and what you expect in return. 

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Policies to provide clarity to you and your volunteers

We have produced example policies for you to download and adapt. These policies set out your commitment to volunteering, the principles of how you involve volunteers and what volunteers can expect when working with you.
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More support with volunteering 

If you are responsible for managing volunteers, look out for our next Volunteer Lead meeting to share best practice and learning and help each other with opportunities or challenges. You can also ask questions, share resources or talk to colleagues in the Working with Volunteers group on Workplace.

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