Three new guides to help you engage with people in your communities

Learn more about different ways that you can engage with your communities in these three guides, produced by local Healthwatch.
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Speaking to people in your communities about their experiences of health and social care is at the heart of the work you do. Last year, you asked for examples of creative approaches to engaging with your community, and told us that it was your number one priority.

We offered grants to three local Healthwatch to produce simple guides based on engagement approaches which worked well for them. We're sharing and showcasing these how-to guides, which you can replicate and adapt for your own engagement projects. 

Each guide includes steps to take, resources you will need, top tips for success and the benefits you will find from using the model.  

All were developed before COVID-19, so include face-to-face engagement, but in light of this year’s events, each now has a section on how you could deliver the model remotely. 

This was our 2020 pilot, and if they are well-received and well-used, we will offer grant opportunities for more of you to develop and share your successful models. 

Models of Engagement 

Thank you to Healthwatch Wiltshire, Healthwatch Leeds, and Healthwatch Croydon for producing these guides.

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