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Our role, planning and remote working

Helping you work remotely

Find out how you can use Workplace to make remote working easier.

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Six ways to work well from home

Working remotely presents all sorts of challenges, and can feel isolating. To help you, we’ve compiled six tips for working well from home, including advice from Healthwatch England staff who are already used to working remotely.

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Managing volunteers remotely

It’s always important to involve and support our volunteers. We look at the best ways to do this remotely.

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Guidance for local Healthwatch lead officers

The following sections are the key areas where we believe local Healthwatch leaders should focus their attention:

  • Continue to keep abreast of Government guidance
  • Protect staff, volunteers and the public

  • Continue to gather people’s experiences of care

  • Find virtual ways to discharge your functions


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Important guidance

Find the latest information about COVID-19

Take a look at our list of reputable sources about the latest advice for the public, support for you and your employees and wider health and care updates.

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Guidance to help you play your part

Communicating with the public 

This guidance aims to support local Healthwatch staff and volunteers to:

  • Communicate the service that local Healthwatch can offer during the current outbreak
  • Frame communications that seek to get public feedback about care

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Promoting advice and information

Take a look at our advice and information pieces that you can share with your own communities to help people know where to go to get the support they need. 

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How to collect public feedback during COVID-19

Read our top tips on how to develop a survey to collect people’s experiences of services during the coronavirus pandemic, as well as template questions you can use.

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Essential online activity 

Are you helping people find the information that they are looking for about Coronavirus? Here are essential steps every Healthwatch service can take.

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Issues specific updates

Changes to Primary Dental Care services

Read the new guidance from the NHS regarding changes to Primary Dental Care services in response to COVID-19.

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NHS policy on the use of ‘Do Not Attempt to Resuscitate Forms’

Read more about the policy and how you can help make sure it is being followed by services.

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