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New: The Government has introduced new measures to tackle the spread of coronavirus, including a ban on public gatherings of more than two people. Find out what this means for you. Read more.

Planning and remote working

Planning ahead - the checklist

From dealing with the shortages of staff to supporting the battle against Coronavirus, we've put together a checklist to help you think about the different areas of the work the the virus could effect. 

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Improving remote working via Workplace

It's likely that more of you will soon be working from home. To make communication easier between your local Healthwatch team, we're opening up the group function so that you can have conversations between team members. Find out how on Workplace.

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Important message from Imelda Redmond

Our National Director, Imelda, gives an update on the Healthwatch network's role in providing information and how we need to refocus our efforts to support the public against the Coronavirus.

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Six ways to work well from home

Working remotely presents all sorts of challenges, and can feel isolating. To help you, we’ve compiled six tips for working well from home, including advice from Healthwatch England staff who are already used to working remotely.

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Important guidance for employers, staff and volunteers

Guidance for local Healthwatch statutory activities

The Healthwach England committee has written to all local Healthwatch Chief Executives, Lead Officers and Chairs, as well as Chief Executives of local Healthwatch provider organisations to provide guidance in response to COVID-19. 

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Where can you find the latest information about coronavirus (COVID-19)?

To make sure you're up to date with the latest advice, information and resources about coronavirus, take a look at our list from reputable sources. This includes advice for the public, information for employees and resources for the health and social care sector.

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Changes to Primary Dental Care services

Read the new guidance from the NHS regarding changes to Primary Dental Care services in response to COVID-19.

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Policy changes that you need to know about during COVID-19

Here are some changes to policy that you should be aware of at Healthwatch if you are to run effectively.

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Playing your part

Essential online activity 

Are you helping people find the information that they are looking for about Coronavirus? Here are essential steps every Healthwatch service can take.

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Are the public coming to you for advice and information related to Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

We want to know what COVID-19 advice and information people are asking you for. This is so we can spot any gaps in information and keep the government informed. Let us know through our new survey. 

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Your NHS calls for a volunteer army - here's how you can help

With the nation looking to rapidly increase its volunteer efforts against the battle of COVID-19, Healthwatch can support this in a number of ways.

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