Quality assuring your research

This guide sets out the importance of quality assuring your research and the steps you can take to ensure your research is as good as it can be throughout the research process.
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To ensure that your research is as good as it possibly can be, you should make every effort to quality assure your research. To ensure that our research is robust and impactful, we should quality assure our research at multiple points through the research process. 

This guidance will help you to consider when to check your work and offers tips on the best ways to do this with examples of how you might apply these in practice.

Don't forget, the Research and Insight Team can offer two peer reviews per Local Healthwatch each year.


Quality assuring your research

How else can the Research and Insight Team help?

The Healthwatch England Research and Insight team analyses people's experience of care to inform our national reports, but they also offer advice, networking and learning opportunities to support you with your research skills and projects. 

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