Partnering with GP surgeries to use text message outreach

This guide from Healthwatch Camden explains how to partner with your local GP surgeries and send text messages to their patient list with links to your current surveys and when this digital engagement method is, and isn't, appropriate.
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We offered grants to local Healthwatch to produce guides on how to replicate and adapt engagement approaches that have worked well for them. Thank you to Healthwatch Camden, who produced this guide on how to partner with GP surgeries to use text messaging to reach the public. 

Why use this guide

Learn when this method of digital engagement is appropriate, the difference this approach can make and how Healthwatch Camden successfully used this method during the COVID-19 pandemic. Healthwatch Camden have also included a step by step guide of the process together with their top tips for success. 


Partnering with local GP surgeries to use text message outreach
Healthwatch Camden theory of change spreadsheet

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