Risk and crisis communication plan

Take a look at this example of a risk and crisis communication plan and find out how to write your own.
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Every organisation should have a risk and crisis communication plan in place. Anything that could affect your organisation’s profile or stall business continuity, from financial loss to staff misconduct, is an example of a risk that warrants communication with stakeholders and/ or the public.

While communication plans will differ depending on the type of risk you're dealing with, this resource brings together some common steps that will help you deliver an effective response and protect your public profile. 

About this resource

This risk and crisis communication plan is designed for anyone working in communications as well as senior management. It is a set of guidelines and steps to help you with the following:  

  • prepare for an emergency or unexpected event;  
  • protect your reputation (and to some extent that of the wider Healthwatch network);
  • maintain your organisations’ public image in an event of a crisis.  

It includes information, such as:  

  • types of risk 
  • steps to take when a crisis first emerges 
  • how to communicate with the public and how to prevent the issue from occurring again 

Do you have a question?

If you want to discuss risk and crisis communications, do get in touch with the Network Development Team at Healthwatch England either your Regional Manager or Campaigns and Central Region Manager Chris Gorman via chris.gorman@healthwatch.co.uk.


Issues and crisis communication plan

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