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November 2021

Quantitative analysis

Online webinar
Wednesday 24th November, 2021 - 9:45 to 12:00

About this event

In this session you will learn the basics of quantitative data analysis using Excel for any of your research projects. 

Who is this event for?  

This event is for Healthwatch staff who carry out research and need to undertake quantitative data analysis and interpret the results.   

What will you learn?  

You will learn about the importance and use of quantitative data in research.

You will explore the stages of quantitative data analysis including basic data management and statistical checks. We will highlight tools that can be used to conduct quantitative analysis and visualise findings. You will also see practical demonstrations in Microsoft Excel as well as receiving tips on how best to use your data in reports. 

Preparation for this session: 

This is a participatory session. We will be asking you to share your experiences with research planning, and any questions you may have.  

Who is running this event? 

The Research and Insight Team at Healthwatch England and Jo Spenceley from Healthwatch Northamptonshire

Contact details

If you have a question about this webinar, please contact Amrita Bose.


All day event: