Policies to support volunteering

These templates will help to ensure that you have clear and robust volunteering policies available.
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About this guidance

As part of our new suite of support, we have produced a volunteer policy and a volunteer expenses policy for you to download and use locally. 

Volunteer policy

This sets out your commitment to volunteering, the principles of how you involve volunteers and what people can expect whilst volunteering with you.

It should include information on

  • recruitment
  • training and support
  • your approach to recruiting and supporting volunteers
  • how volunteers will be supported and treated fairly and consistently
  • what they can do if things go wrong 

Your staff team should be aware of this policy, so they fully understand why volunteers are involved and what role they have within your Healthwatch.

Volunteer expenses policy

This policy outlines what expenses you will cover for your volunteers and the processes they would need to take to claim their expenses back. 



Volunteer policy
Volunteer expenses policy