Volunteer handbook and agreement

New resources to help you support your volunteers.
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As part of our new suite of guidance documents to support how you work with volunteers, we have produced a Volunteer Handbook and a Volunteer Agreement. Both of these documents are available for you to download and adapt to your local needs. 

These resources aim to ensure that commitments and expectations are clear on both sides to help everyone get the most out of the volunteering experience. 

Volunteer Handbook

It is good practice to provide your volunteers with a handbook as a useful reference tool. Our template includes information on who we are and what we do, an overview of the roles and responsibilities of Healthwatch volunteers, and a summary of the policies and procedures that you should have in place to support your volunteers.

Volunteer Agreement

This template agreement sets out your commitment to your volunteers. It also outlines what you what them to get out of volunteering with you and what you expect from them in return.


Volunteer Handbook
Volunteer Agreement

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