Working together

  • Funding opportunities We regularly provide opportunities for local Healthwatch to support us with delivering national projects by providing small grants.

  • National campaigns - Working together we develop and run campaigns to help improve our reach and achieve better health and care outcomes. This year we'll be focusing on an aspect of inequalities.

  • Annual campaigns calendar - Our calendar helps you to plan your communications by highlighting health and care campaigns run by both Healthwatch England and external partners.

  • Supporting you to work with others - Using Facebook Workplace, we have set up a number of groups that allow people to work together on specific areas of interest. 

Showing your influence and impact

  • Influence policy change - Sharing opportunities to contribute to policy change at a national level. 

  • Resources to help you demonstrate your impact - Support on impact to help with understanding, capturing and communicating the difference you make. 

  • National Awards - Our annual awards celebrate the huge contribution made by local Healthwatch staff and volunteers and the difference you make. 

Supporting your staff and volunteers

  • Learning and development calendar - an overview of the training opportunities available to you throughout the year.

  • Online induction for staff and volunteers - a short online course to help you understand more about who we are, what we do, and how together Healthwatch make a difference.

  • Managing your volunteers - guidance and policies to support you with volunteer recruitment and management. 

  • Healthwatch Week - our annual conference provides opportunities for you to learn, share and network with others.

Help to engage your communities

  • Research support -  Use our guidance and the research helpdesk for queries about your research proposals, methodologies and/or report writing. We’ll also peer review up to two items of your research a year.  

  • Advice and Information - Get FAQs and advice content you can use on your website to help you answer common questions from the public.

  • Communications support - Access audience insight, guidance to help you plan, run and evaluate your communications, as well as a dedicated online community and monthly training opportunities. 

  • CRM support - Use our guidance, advice, training and support to make the most of your CRM.

  • Website support - Find out more about our website template, hosting and maintenance package, training and a dedicated online community for web managers.

  • New digital systems - Understand the new infrastructure we are developing to support Healthwatch gather and share insight.

  • Examples from your peers - Find out about effective approaches to engagement including with seldom heard people. 

Supporting your sustainability 

  • Funding, organisational and contract changes - Your Regional Manager is there to support you through contract changes and tendering. They will help prevent any interruptions to business continuity, damage to your reputation and provide communications support. 

  • Working with local authorities to support commissioning and delivery of effective Healthwatch - We’ve developed the Commissioning an effective Healthwatch guide, that references the role of the Quality Framework and outcome-based commissioning.

  • Ensuring the Healthwatch Network is part of the conversation -  We are constantly working to highlight the value of the Healthwatch Network and ensure that our interests are reflected in changes to the health and social care system, such as the Integrated Care Systems and the Government legislation. 

Helping you lead and make decisions

  • Trademark licence and data sharing agreement - enables your organisation to work under the Healthwatch brand and share data with Healthwatch England 

  • Guide to running a Healthwatch - helps you understand the statutory requirements for Healthwatch and how to deliver an effective service.

  • Quality Framework - understand how effective your Healthwatch is and identify areas for improvement.

  • Online inductions - for new Board members and Lead Officers. 

  • Good governance resources - including decision-making, code of conduct and conflict of interest. 


Our peer support networks

To help you learn from your peers and share your successes and challenges with others in the network who do a similar role we offer a range of peer network meetings. These regular meetings are facilitated by Healthwatch England, but you help inform the agenda to make sure they work for you.